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"Truth is beauty ... Beauty -- truth. WORTH follows that dictum. It is also a clever way of showing us how our perceptions can be rather twisted"
John Anderson, Film critic, NY Times, Daily Variety

Who decides what something or someone is really worth? The answer may surprise you.

** Screened at 31 Festivals - won 31 Awards**

Written and Directed by Kathi Carey
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A love story about a woman who has experienced and overcome her share of heartache, only to discover that she has breast cancer. Currently being developed into a feature entitled One in Nine.

**Screened at over 25 Festivals - won a dozen awards and nominations**

Written and Directed by Kathi Carey.
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"I highly recommend Kathi ... I've found her work to be of the highest professional quality in all departments, and I know that in both vision and execution this stems from Kathi...talking with her cast and crew I wasn't at all surprised to learn that they loved working with her and were uniformly eager to work with her again."
Marc Scott Zicree, Writer/Producer/Nebula Award-winner

"I have known Kathi for over 2 years now. I am very impressed by her work, both in topic and technical execution. Because of her work, I was anxious to collaborate with Kathi on a pilot, so I know of her creative understanding of project development..."
Marita Grabiak, Director
Kathi Carey
Can we ever really go home again? This is the question posed in Mom and Me ... with amusing results. Starring Mews Small (from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest fame). The web series is currently in post-production.

**Winner of 2 EMPixx Platinum Awards**

Written and Directed by Kathi Carey
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Three stories. Three people. Three words that change each of their lives: "You Have Cancer." While these three never meet, their stories are connected by the rich and interesting supporting characters who touch their lives and interact with each other, proving that although people often feel isolated and alone when tragedy strikes, in truth they share experiences and a community of people who care.

Written by Kathi Carey
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It's a night none of them will forget...if they make it out alive. Described as a Hitchcokian thrilled with an O'Henry ending, Dark Night on Route 66 is a paranoid mash-up of The Strangers and Final Destination.

Written by Kathi Carey

Dark Night
Route 66

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Ruby Mae

Can true love last forever? Three couples -- three generations -- three love affairs. As their stories unfold it becomes clear that for love to last it must be recognized, nurtured and cherished. Like The Notebook.

Written by Kathi Carey

"Worth is a gem. Truly. ... Kathi masterfully shows in this elegant film how she has mastered storytelling through all the tools at a director's disposal. It is cast perfectly, shot beautifully, and scored masterfully. This all began with her touching script and finished with one of my favorite shorts EVER!!!!!"
Mary Lou Belli, Director

"Kathi recently shadowed me as I directed an episode of the television series Justified and I was absolutely impressed with her complete understanding and mastery of the filmmaking process. She is highly qualified and I will admit was mostly ahead of me during our time on set. I was lucky to have her there as I benefitted directly from her input during the process. She is enthusiastic, motivated and a pleasure to be with."
Dean Parisot, Director, Red 2

When Alex walks out on their 'perfect' marriage, Ross struggles to figure out the meaning of the clues she left behind. A Holiday road-trip of self-discovery, which includes confronting the demons of his past, puts him back on the path of his life's purpose, which was exactly what he needed...and all she wanted in the first place.

A Christmas movie centered around the song, This is the Best Christmas, written by Kathi Carey and her husband David Manship.

Written by Kathi Carey
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Web series featuring in-depth interviews with Casting Directors from Hollywood to Prague. 44 episodes.

Produced and Directed by Kathi Carey
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Sean Burke, deep cover MI-6, and Tom Richardson, a senior FBI agent, race to stop the poisoning of the Ogallala Aquifer, whose waters supply 40% of America's agriculture. But their role in this terrorist plot is to die as "first responder heroes" unless they can avoid the trap that's been set just for them.

The feature is titled Blowback.

Written by Kathi Carey
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Sean Burke, deep cover MI-6, has cunningly maneuvered himself to be in front of FBI agents Richardson and Kole. He weaves a story of international intrigue, which follows a toxic liquid secured in Korea, 'tested' on a small African village and bound for sale and distribution in L.A. Sean, on a quest to discover the identity of the terrorist mastermind who is about to unleash the poison on L.A., zeroes in on an unlikely suspect: a high-level FBI agent. The Usual Suspects meetsThe Bourne Identity.

**Winner of a Platinum Remi Award for Dramatic Short from WorldFest, Houston**

The first 20 minutes of the feature Blowback.
Written, Produced and Directed by Kathi Carey
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It's the Cure for What Ails...Them
Set in a small town that time forgot, this gently-absurd, comedic short tells the story of a hapless inventor, Ernest Hopewell, whose failure to create the antidote to sorrow sets in motion a magical alchemy for joy.

**Winner of a Platinum Remi Award for Comedic Short from WorldFest, Houston, a "Shoestring" award for Best Short from Rochester Int'l Film Festival and an IndieFest Award of Excellence**

Written by Sasha Carrera, Produced and Directed by Kathi Carey.
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They're fast. They're furious. They're 70-year-old widows with a part-time job relocating rental cars. Watch out!

Written by Kathi Carey


When the government 'temporarily' shuts down the Internet for national security reasons, "Weird Nathan," who's best friend is an old-school computer with a dial-up modem, and a few old men with CB radios and their own old-school tech, are the only ones who can still communicate on-line and see behind the firewalls. It's up to this 16-year-old and a couple of bona fide conspiracy 'nuts' to get the word out: the government has shut the Internet down...forever.

Written by Kathi Carey

And the Winner Is
Lisa signs on an indie film as a PA hoping to shadow it's famous director. Instead, she's assigned to babysit the film's aged 'celebrity.' This once-acclaimed Academy-award-nominee, who now has trouble remembering her own name, has much to teach Lisa about life, craft and the need to hold onto one's dignity in the face of Father Time.

Written by Kathi Carey
Kathi Carey
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