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After a preliminary screening for cast and crew at the legendary Chinese Theatre (pictures below), "Dead Drop," an exciting action film went on to the Cannes Film Festival. It is now screening at WorldFest, Houston, where it will win the coveted Remi Award, named after the artist Frederic Remington. Kathi wrote, produced and directed this film which is described as a cross between The Usual Suspects and The Bourne Identity.

The film was created as 'proof of concept' for a feature entitled Blowback. The screenplay has been completed and fund-raising efforts are now underway.

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Mr. Hopewell's Remedy has it's world premiere April 12 at the Rochester International Film Festival where it will win the coveted Shoestring Trophy, so named for the origins of the festival (it is one of the oldest short film festivals in the world and was originally named for when short films were shot on 8mm -- Movies on a 'Shoestring'). Immediately following that (on Sunday, April 13) the film will screen at WorldFest, Houston, where it is being honored with the prestigious Remi award, named after the artist Frederic Remington. Then, at the end of the month, it screens at the Myrtle Beach Film Festival.

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Kathi is currently in development on her project inspired by the song that she and her husband wrote a few years back entitled "This Is the Best Christmas." When Alex walks out on their 'perfect' marriage, Ross struggles to figure out the meaning of the clues she left behind. A Holiday road trip of self-discovery, which includes confronting the demons of his past, puts him back on the path of his life's purpose, which was exactly what he needed...and all she wanted in the first place.

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Kathi Carey and John Cothran, Jr.

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