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Kathi's first book, CAST YOURSELF: The Actor's Guide to Self-Producing, was met with raves and instant 5-star reviews on Amazon. Her second book, "The Last Few Years" a poignant memoir about the time she stepped away from her career to care for her mother has been equally well-received. Her third book, which was recently released, "Dark Night on Route 66" was also equally well-received.
Kathi's expertise has been sought by a diverse group: film festivals including L.A. Diversity Fest, Women's Film Festival of San Diego, Ventura Music Festival, Long Island Film Expo and the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. Podcasts such as The Creator Mindset, Storytellers and Storytelling, Acting Resource Guru, Long Stories Short and The Work, The SAG Foundation, the STEMPowerHER Forum in Irvine, California and others have also sought her out. She has been a speaker on panels, given seminars, lectures and been a moderator on subjects ranging from directing, writing, producing and the festival circuit. Additionally, with the publication of her new book centered on the care of her aging mother, she can speak on elder care and preparation for end-of-life decisions.

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Many years ago a very wise man told me that the only way to really control my career as an actress was to create my own content. I was a bit anxious about that proposition, given that I'd never done anything like write, produce or direct before. However, he was a filmmaker and he offered to guide me through the process. The rest, as they say, is history. Although it wasn't quite that easy, it was definitely fun, challenging and an extraordinary journey learning how to write, produce and direct that I continue to this day. In the process, I've written and directed thousands of pieces for actors, produced many web series, written, produced and directed several music videos and more than half a dozen films. I've taken everything I've learned in the process and written a book. Even so, there are many people who prefer to work with me one-on-one. So I offer consulting services. I will sit with you over ZOOM and help you, either at the script stage, pre-production, post or help you design a festival release strategy. My newest offering is NOTES. As an Emmy Judge and a CableACE Judge for 9 years I have the ability to look dispassionately at your Work-in-Progress and give you creative, workable notes before you start sending it out and spending REAL money submitting to festivals. Either written notes or on ZOOM, I can't wait to help you move your career forward!  --Kathi


"Kathi not only has the ability to walk you through your journey as a potentially award-winning content creator; she can spot trends about where self-producing is going within our beloved industry. She can lead you to the next tier... thank goodness Kathi is here to walk us through that process! "-- Bonnie Gillespie

"This unbelievable guide, CAST YOURSELF: The Actor's Guide to Self-Producing, gives you insider info from someone who knows this medium inside and out. Let Kathi show you a path to success! "-- Mary Lou Belli

"Kathi is an ingenious, accomplished write who is able to take the 'straw' that is your very rough, very vague idea and spin it into storytelling gold. Her work as a director is informed by her passion for and commitment to the art of storytelling, her phenomenal creativity, her unerring eye and artistic instinct, her empathic nature, and her experience of being an actor herself. She even has this vast knowledge of all the 'tech stuff,' which enables her to communicate a creative vision with admirable clarity to everyone involved. As a producer she knows how to mount a production and run a set in the smoothest, most efficient and yet artistically favorable way. In short, she is the kind of person you want by your side on any project." -- Bettina Kenny
"Two memories stand out when I think of working with Kathi. The first is sitting on her couch as my producing partner and I spilled out a stream of semi-coherent ideas for a film we wanted to make. Kathi took the jumble of ideas and on the spot wove them into a story outline for us that was SO perfect, I think my jaw was hanging open. I definitely remember chills running down my spine. It was one of those profound moments of recognizing 'something great just happened here.' I also think of my experience working as a PA on one of Kathi's short films and watching a set that ran like clockwork. Watching Kathi work, some of the dots began to connect on the 'how' behind producing high-quality, award-winning projects. If you are looking to create the best work you are capable of bringing to the world--at whatever budget or level you are at--you will not find a better guide." -- Rachel Hardy

Notes and Coaching on Your Project

"Kathi's coaching saved me time and money and helped me fine-tune my project based on her many successes as a writer/producer/director"

Written Notes. $199

Kathi's newest offering is Written NOTES. As an Emmy Judge and a Judge for the CableACE Awards for 9 years her expertise has been sought out and valued for her ability to spot excellence and the tweaks needed to achieve excellence. If you have a Work-in-Process that is getting ready to lock picture, whether as a producer, director or actor, have Kathi take a final look and give you notes before your final lock. You’ll be glad you did.

Zoom Coaching. $299

Private coaching available is on ZOOM. Each session is for one hour, paid in advance. No refunds. Individual sessions are customized to your specific needs and goals, whether it be pre-production, production or post. Once you’ve booked and paid for your time, I will send you an email outlining what I need in order to prepare for the session and what you need in order to prepare for the session so that we can maximize our time together.
Feel free to send me your screenplay for notes, your pre-production sticking points, your production or your post-production questions. If you have a completed project and want guidance on a strategy for festival submissions, I can help you with that, too. I want to help you achieve your vision.

Bundle Coaching Package of 3. $799

To save money, buy this package where you get three hours for less. Bank the hours for later. They never expire!